Not many could afford to buy one, but if you were to be offered one on lease, for just a little more than another perhaps more mundane car, what would you do?

When you are looking at the basic fees you are signing up for, when giving responsibility to an agent to arrange and execute the sale of your own valuable home, would you not want a ‘Bentley’ service?

Not only is the difference in fees to have the best Agent acting for you, just a few hundreds of pounds, but the chances of securing a top price which would cover the difference is highly likely and frequently, in the present climate, it has been possible to negotiate figures well in excess of asking prices, which has not only covered the total of a quality agents fees and VAT, but has meant happy Clients walking away with a profit in their pocket.

If you would like to learn about our unique methods of marketing, why not have an informal chat with us? We have three knowledgeable and skilful Valuer/Negotiators, who will be happy to offer this to you, without obligation.

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