About Us


Established in 1978, as an independently owned and operated company, Kelvin Francis has become one of the most influential and respected Chartered Surveyor estate agents, within South Wales. We are spokespersons for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in Wales, as well as regular contributors to Local and National TV. Radio and the Press.

We have in 2021, achieved the highest accolade in estate agency, being declared the 5 Star ‘Best Single Office Estate Agency in Wales’ by the prestigious UK and International Property Awards organisation.

Whilst we are quick to implement new technology to enhance the buying and selling process, we firmly believe in the vital importance of giving our Clients all the personal attention and support that they need.

Surveys regularly show that a common concern of people dealing with Estate Agents is one of Trust. Trust is inherent in Kelvin Francis and we are pleased that in over 43 years of business, our ethos has never changed. It is of considerable pleasure to us to see Clients and their families returning to us. A major complaint about estate agents can be the a lack of regular contact and the fact that parties are often not informed of developments. We know that if you hear nothing, then you will assume that nothing is being done.


We recognise that the decision to move house is a daunting one and our aim from the initial, carefully researched advice on value and marketing, through to overseeing the transaction to legal completion, is to provide our Clients with the highest level of support, help and advice.

We believe that by offering the right advice at the outset, by continuing to offer good advice and guidance throughout the marketing and by always keeping Clients informed, that we will meet and hopefully surpass expectations.