Real Estate Agents vs Online Only Agents

So much more…

Selling a property is not just only listing your property on a portal, you will need a lot more than that, if you really want to move.

A good High Street Estate Agent, will realistically value your property, but still to obtain its maximum price, accompany all viewers, negotiate the best figure possible and most importantly, ensure that the sale is regularly progressed and monitored, leading to an exchange of contracts and legal completion.

At Kelvin Francis we are paid only by results, i.e. after an exchange of contracts, but only when the sale is completed and you are moving, unlike an on-line only agent, where there is no incentive to negotiate a better deal for you, as they have already been paid up front, for listing your property.

Some property owners may think that they are saving some money by using an on-line only Agent, but overlook that they may receive a lower price than through a High Street Real Estate Agent, who is experienced in negotiating and has the expertise and know-how, with the benefit of sales progression, to qualify and check buyers, verify their chain, talk to solicitors, resolving problems, including those arising from surveys, in order to bring about an exchange of contracts.

Real Estate Agent vs Online Agent

In a rising market, when multiple offers on one property are possible, a Real Estate Agent has the expertise to go to ‘best sealed bids’ and thereby often obtain figures in excess the asking price, whereas an online only Agent will not. The additional sum received by a Vendor as a result, is the from the expertise they are paying for. These extra figures can sometimes cover all the Estate Agent’s fee and even more!

Some Vendors using an ‘online only’ Agent, also forget that they too will be purchasers themselves when and if they have someone interested in theirs. However, if you have not have a sales progression service, qualifying and checking your purchaser and their chain, this may have a detrimental impact on your likely purchase, when under due diligence, the Estate Agent selling to you, checks your status.

What the property professional bodies say…

  • “Selling the house is the easy bit,” says Mark Hayward, of the National Association of Estate Agents. “Much more difficult is dealing with the offer, checking the chain, and talking to lawyers,” he says.
  • Peter Bolton King, of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), told the BBC: “There is a huge difference between paying a few hundred pounds just to put the property on to the internet, compared with all of the services that should be provided, and the security that should be offered, by the good traditional local estate agent.”
  • Tony Filice, RICS Spokesperson, Wales Residential and Director of Kelvin Francis, Cardiff “As an Estate Agent with over 30 year’s experience, having obtained a degree in Urban Estate Management and trained as a Chartered Surveyor in property matters for 5 years, before qualifying. My advice to Clients on selling, overcoming sale progression problems (legal and building defects) and am of the opinion that as a Real Estate Agent, I am better placed than an ‘online only’ Agent to advise my Clients on the most valuable asset they are likely to own.”

If you are thinking of selling, we at Kelvin Francis would be happy to provide a free market appraisal, advice and an explanation of the full range of our services, without obligation or charge.

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