Rent Smart Wales – Information for Landlords

Rent Smart Wales oversees the compulsory registration and licensing for all Landlords and Letting Agents in Wales. It was announced by the Welsh Government in November 2015, with the objective being to raise standards in the private rented sector in Wales.

This means that anyone who owns or rents out private properties in Wales is required to firstly register themselves as a Landlord, and secondly, if they manage the property, they are required to undertake training and obtain a Landlord license. If it is a Letting Agent that performs the property management for the Landlord then it is the Agent who is required to be licensed.

Rent Smart Wales

Landlord Registration

Every Landlord, even if you do not find tenants or manage properties yourself, will be required to register:

The easiest and cheapest way to register is online, but it is possible to complete a paper application if preferred.

  • You will need to provide your name and address, date of birth, contact details and the address/addresses of the rental property/ies.
  • Only the Landlord can complete the application. An Agent or third party cannot register on behalf of a Landlord.
  • Once you have registered you must ensure your personal information, correspondence address and property address is kept up to date.
  • Registration is valid for 5 years from the date of issue, after which a new registration must be made and a fee paid to renew.

Landlord Licensing

As a Landlord, if you perform any property management, you must be licensed. In order to apply for the licence you must:

  • Undertake approved training. Training is offered through Rent Smart Wales, or you can choose to attend a Rent Smart Wales approved training course delivered by other bodies. The cost to undertake training for the licence is separate to the registration fee and will depend on which training you undertake. For further information please refer to
  • Complete the ‘fit and proper’ declaration.
  • You can apply for a licence online or via a paper application.

Once the licence is granted it will last for 5 years, and Landlords must adhere to the Rent Smart Wales Code of Practice.

Agent Licencing

Similar to Landlords, Letting Agents must also obtain a licence, they must ensure that:

  • Every member of staff has received approved training.
  • Complete the ‘fit and proper’ declaration.
  • Pay the Agent licence fee.

Once the licence is granted it will last for 5 years, and Agents must adhere to the Rent Smart Wales Code of Practice.

Kelvin Francis are a Rent Smart Wales Licensed Agent: #LR-05015-28657

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the legislation please contact us and we will be happy to provide guidance to ensure you are compliant.