1. Trust. This is an essential. They will be responsible for advising and guiding you on procedure, tactics, value, negotiations and the saleability, of what is probably your biggest asset.


  1. Ability and Experience. These go together, to ensure you have a valuable and attentive service. Professional qualification is indicative of this.


  1. A dedicated ‘sales progression’ team. Each sale and purchase requires a high level of attention and persistence and an ability to deal with the multitude of varied problems that will arise. They must be experienced and personable to deal effectively with Solicitors, Conveyancers, Surveyors and other Estate Agents as well as communicating regularly with the Seller and the Buyer.


  1. Respected. This, which runs alongside ‘Trust’ smooths the progress of the transaction and elicits co-operation from all the parties that they have to deal with.


  1. Testimonials. Apart from personal or professional recommendation, this is the best way of obtaining reassurance of the standard of a Firm’s work. NB. a word of caution, satisfy yourself that these are authentic.


  1. Boards. Lots of boards, especially those with ‘Sold’ slips on them, are an indication of an Agent’s success in the area.


  1. Website. Is it modern and easy to use? Are the content and photographs of a good standard? Are there virtual viewings available? Does it provide most of the information you need and allow for easy communication with the Agent?


8. Portals.  If you are looking at properties in a particular area(s), make sure you include ‘STC’ (sold subject to contract) properties, the switch for which will be found in ‘Filters’. A good Agent will have more ‘sold’ properties than those currently ‘for sale’ and this will also give an indication of how effective they are.

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