Firstly, whilst there are fewer potential buyers viewing properties, there are still a good number and these are serious buyers, not sightseers (just curious) or time wasters.  Therefore, the percentage of sales agreed to the number of viewings, is greatly increased. We are currently agreeing a number of sales.


Secondly, a house (or home) purchase is a long-term proposition.  It will take many weeks for the transaction to go through and by the time a move is due to take place, it should be after the present virus has passed.   The signs of this happening, are already showing in China.


Lastly, we are able to take careful measures to protect you and your property from being infected in any way. We provide new disposable plastic gloves to everyone entering the property, to avoid bringing anything in, or leaving anything, through touch, such as on door handles or light switches.  We would also only allow two people at a time into the property, to ensure social distancing.


As an Owner, because we will always personally accompany viewers, you are welcome to temporarily vacate the property, if you wished to.


Because of the way we are remunerated, however long a transaction may take, the cost to you will be unchanged.


We are also happy to help with your purchase, whether it is to assist in finding something suitable, or advising you on developments or any problems that might arise.


We are always happy to provide you with initial advice, whether you are considering selling now, or at some time in the future.


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