The way that you design and furnish your garden, depends on its size.  Whether it be a small urban garden, or the country family garden, the way you design it will have an impact when you come to sell.
Creating the right impression of your garden and catering for the likely profile buyer, is key to ensuring the garden style compliments your home.
Urban or City gardens tend to be small, rectangular and belong to people without a lot of time and require minimal upkeep.  The property type is normally a town house and profile occupiers tend to be the single young professional, or retired widower.  Here are some tips for creating an ideal urban garden:-

  • Keep to a simple design using clear lines and a limited number of modern materials, such as timber decking, stone cobble style flooring, limestone, slate slabs or Cotswold stone gravel.
  • Once a year, remember to jet wash the timber decking and stonework, to remove algae growth so as to avoid slips.
  • If space is limited, every plant has to work hard for its existence.  Use low maintenance Mediterranean style plants and if possible, several types in different forms of texture, colour and scent.
  • If you only have access a patio roof garden, balcony or window, select good looking and stylish pots and containers, growing a variety of plants for interest throughout the year.
  • Consider climbers such as clematis, or tall plants if space is limited, to make the most of height.  This could also camouflage your next door neighbour and any unsightly boundary fences.
  • Attract wild life, by positioning a bird feeder station and a few bird boxes.  Avoid dovecotes, even though they are attractive in design, your neighbour will have a different view on pigeon and dove droppings.
  • A focal point is important, such as a water fountain or hammock.  A water feature will give a sense of tranquillity on a warm summer evening.
  • Be sure that you have an insulated water tap in the garden and consider mood lighting strategically positioned around.  These are to be installed by individuals qualified under the Competent Person Scheme.
  • Purchase slimline, fold-away garden furniture if you are short of space.  A stylish timber shed in the form of a chalet summerhouse, is ideal for storing those vital garden tools.
  • A bamboo screening, is the perfect backdrop to hide the wheelie bins.
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