The Kelvin Francis Top 10 Property Tips when Buying or Selling

Tip 1

The Welsh Capital Cardiff is the largest City in Wales and the youngest Capital in Europe. What makes Cardiff such a popular city for families to live? What are the average prices? The average rents? Best areas, attractions and benefits of our fabulous City? View ‘Guide to the City and its Property Market’ on our home page and see for yourself.

Tip 2

Do you want to know the latest update for the Housing and Rental market in Cardiff and for Wales? What are the current trends and are house prices and rents rising or falling? Keep your finger on the pulse by visiting our news page and view the latest video update on market news.

Tip 3

When selling, you will need to present your home in its best and most attractive manner, in order to appeal to the highest number of potential buyers and a wider market. It is not difficult or expensive, but many home owners find it an obstacle, as it is often hard to see things objectively. Find out how to overcome this. Call into our offices for a copy of THE KELVIN FRANCIS GUIDE TO MOVING HOUSE, or download it right here.

Tip 4

When buying or selling a home, you will need to budget for all the costs involved in the transaction. We have a Costs Check List on Buying or Selling, which will assist you in computing your calculations, including Stamp Duty Land Tax thresholds. Call into our office for a copy of The Kelvin Francis Property Guide to Moving House, or download it right here.

Tip 5

‘The Kelvin Francis Legal Guide to Buying and Selling’ is a step by step guide of the legal process, once you have accepted an offer for your property. Important milestones, monitoring and expected reasonable time scale for all stages, checked by your dedicated Sale Progression Manager and you will be kept regularly updated.

Tip 6

When purchasing a property, you will need to ensure that there are no hidden defects or nasty surprises when you move in. A survey is recommended, with a Chartered Surveyor from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), but what type of survey is right for your new purchase? For more information visit our the RICS TV channel, video play list, which may help you decide.

Tip 7

When purchasing a property, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors recommend that buyers should be aware of any possible flood risks that could arise. Prospective purchasers should note, that detailed Flood Risk Surveys are not currently mandatory, in the searches carried out for standard property searches. There are simple checks that you can follow to assist. Visit ‘Flooding’.

Tip 8

When a builder quotes for repair or improvement works around your home, how do you know the rate is fair? Checking with might help, as this website with a user friendly interactive house, gives typical costs for different jobs, so that you have a reasonable ball park figure to compare with your own builder.

Tip 9

Choosing to buy a house in a Conservation Area is normally higher in value than nearby houses, that are not given this special status. Designation, gives special protection to these houses and means that you and your neighbours, are agreeing to follow rigid regulations, laid down by the Local Authority, to preserve the special character of your house and the street scene. To be aware of what you can and cannot do in a Conservation Area, visit Conservation.

Tip 10

When moving house, you will need to contact many individuals to advise them of your new address. We have a ‘Change of Address Check List’ to enable you to keep track of who you need to inform. Call into our offices for a copy of The Kelvin Francis Property Guide to Moving House, or download it right here.

Top 10 Tips