Having acted on the advice given in Part 1, you will have succeeded in achieving an agreed sale, but that is just 30% of the selling transaction.  Now the really tricky part begins!


The legal process of selling is both lengthy, somewhat antiquated and fraught with complications.  These can be minimised with forethought and preparation, for which we have given careful consideration, for guidance.  Our Valuers will able to explain this all to you in conversation and leave you with printed copy, on which to reflect.


Not only is the extensive process of the sale of your property a large undertaking, but if you are buying another property, this adds further to the process and perhaps the people you are buying from are buying again? or your buyer is selling and so on and so on.


An important part of the duty of a good Agent is to monitor and manage to the extent that they are able, the chain above and below you.  Not a task to be underestimated.


The whole process can take as long as 16 weeks (Nationwide average) or even longer, but the aim is to cut this down substantially by forward planning and preparation.  The purpose is to save all parties, both time and money and to get you then settled in your new home.



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