Firstly, correctly pricing the property in accordance with current market values is critical.  If it is priced too highly, it will minimise the interest and those who may view and even if they like it, are very likely to offer a lower price anyway.


Further, if possibly for any reason a buyer is not secured, it will become increasingly difficult to find one.  The property will have lost its New on the Market ‘bloom’ and one of the major property Portals clearly publicises the date that a property comes onto the market, so everyone will know.  The most likely next step will be to reduce the asking price and this again does not add to the appeal, but on the contrary highlights the sparsity of interest.  All round, an inadvisable policy.


Conversely, at the right asking price, of which an experienced and reliable Estate Agent will advise you, will help you achieve a maximum level of interest and at an early stage.  This will encourage better offers, sometimes of the asking price and if there is sufficient interest and more than one offer is received, could lead to a situation of being able to invite ‘sealed bids’ which will almost certainly ensure the best offer possible.  Even in the present market, this can be in excess of the asking figure.  A good Agent will investigate the circumstances, financial and selling chain, of the offerors and will advise on which offer is the best to accept.  An early sale will inevitably be at the best figure and the advice here should be heeded.


It is easy to be influenced by other people’s ignorance of values and this can emanate from uneducated advice, media stories and speculation and other preconceptions.  Good professional advice is always best to listen to and to rely on the guidance of an experienced and trusted Agent.


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