Let’s look at a few facts.

1). If you are looking to buy now, you will be competing with fewer people and there is a wide range of attractive properties available. Also, viewing appointments will be easier to get for dates and times, that are most convenient.

2) If you agree a purchase now, it could be 12 to 16 weeks before legal completion, which is very likely to be after this epidemic has passed over. (reference the situation now, in China).

3). There should be no health risks involved in viewing properties, if sensible measures are taken, (in fact considerably less than a visit to a supermarket or shops).  We provide our viewers with new disposable plastic gloves, so there is no risk of taking anything into the property and you will be protected when there, if you touch anything, such as door handles or light switches etc.  Together with the recommended social distancing, this should remove any health risk.

4). The same applies for the present owners of the property, who can also elect to be absent during the viewing, if they wish.

So is it a good time to buy? the answer is YES.

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