Select a good Agent, one that is trusted and experienced in the field that specialises in your style of property and be guided by them.

Trust is the key. Dependant on your personal circumstances, they will advise you on the preferred strategy for marketing. Their advice will vary according to factors such as the state of the market prevailing, which may be relatively in favour of the Buyer, or at other times, the Seller. In a Seller’s market, the strategy may be to market the property at the right price, to encourage a high level of interest and make sure that all viewings are arranged during a condensed and limited period of time. If more than one offer of the full price is forthcoming, then an experienced Agent will arrange a ‘sealed and final bid’ from each party, which will be administered fairly but firmly, in order to achieve the best possible offer, taking into account the offerors ability to proceed and their flexibility, if necessary, to suit your situation.

Ability to proceed includes checking the offeror’s circumstances and finances, (are they yet arranged and approved in principle?), their position in relation to other properties involved, leading up to their own sale and money laundering checks, if a particularly large deposit is put forward. If an offer is accepted, the number of possible stumbling blocks should then be reduced or even eliminated.

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