There are more than half a million reported burglaries in the UK each year, but there are plenty of ways people can protect themselves against possible threats, with a few tips that would apply equally to Tenants and Property Owners.

Research shows that the most popular home security method employed by four in 10 of the British public is to double-lock their doors, with many more people ensuring all doors are double locked before leaving the house or going to bed.

But while this does discourage some burglars, seven in 10 burglars still gained access via doors last year. Of these, almost a third got in by forcing the locks, one in 10 broke or cut a panel of the door and 15% simply entered through an unlocked door.

With security risks high, there are a number of different things that your tenants should watch out for, see the following tips provided by MoneySuperMarket:

Close your windows – It may seem obvious, but dark evenings provide an easy cover for burglars to sneak in if they spot valuables within an easy distance of your open window

Keep keys safe – placing car and house keys on side tables near your front door makes it easy for thieves to fish them out through the letterbox, so keep these a safe distance away

Replace the locks – old locks may mean previous homeowners still have your keys. Replacing them can add an extra layer of security to the house, while updating older models with modern ones can strengthen security at the same time

Keyholes covered with tape – burglars have been placing tape over door locks to see if the house is occupied in a recent spate of robberies in Ireland, so remain vigilant and check your locks for any tampering

Keeping up appearances – making sure windows are not broken and all access points are sealed can increase security, plus storing any loose tools or ladders out of sight of opportunist thieves. If you’re away  ask a neighbour to keep an eye on your home, for example ensuring all post is pushed through your letterbox, fully

Light timers – using a timer that triggers a light when you’re out will allow it to look like someone’s at home even if the house is empty, discouraging burglars



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