Do you remember how you felt when you bought your last TV? if it was a quality one, how glad were you to have paid just a little more for it? Do you remember when you bought a quality car, how much pleasure did you derive from it?

People move house very infrequently, the national average is 10-15 years, so wouldn’t you want to have such an important transaction, dealt with in a high quality manner? When you choose an Agent to handle your most precious asset therefore, don’t make the mistake of falling for exaggerated patter, cut price fees, or inflated asking prices. Don’t be duped by claims of having ‘buyers waiting’, these buyers are in the open market and will be found by any Agent. The potential losses of making the wrong choice are large, the potential gains of selecting wisely, are huge.

Check out any Agents’ testimonials. If they are with a credible company such as FEEFO, you can trust that they will be genuine and reliable.

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