Having a good security system in place and preventative measures will give you a positive selling point and hopefully a good track record, if when selling your home, your prospective buyers ask you the question “have you ever been burgled?”
You are 10 times more likely to be burgled, if you don’t have basic security.  36% of all burglaries, are crimes of opportunity, with burglars letting themselves in through unlocked doors or windows.
Advances in remote technology, mean that home security companies have adapted technology to allow you to manage your home security, on the go.  You can remotely control, watch live and record video feeds from your mobile phone, or even have automated cameras which are connected to the Internet, so that you can view images, even when you are on holiday.
The Home Office have prepared the following common sense top tips, to prevent you from becoming a victim of burglary:-

  • Fit strong locks to external doors and windows, make sure they are locked at all times.
  • Always remove keys from inside locks, keep them out of sight and in a safe place.
  • Fit secure deadlocks (British Standard BS3621) to all doors.
  • Make sure your doors and frames are strong and in good condition.  Wood doors should be at least 44 mm thick.
  • Mark your property – having it marked, helps the Police verify if it has been stolen, when found.
  • Fit a door chain or bar and door viewer (spy hole).
  • Never leave a spare key in a convenient hiding place, such as under the door mat, in a flower pot, or behind a loose brick – thieves know to look there.
  • When you are out in the evening, leave side lights on and shut the curtains.
  • Install outside security lighting; if neighbours can see your property, a burglar may think twice.
  • Keep your tools and ladders locked up – a burglar could use them to get into your home.

Home security is also becoming very cunning.  The false alarm box, has always been a favourite deterrent for those who can’t afford the real thing.  Another visual deterrent is to add a false key lock cover below the lock, so it appears that there are two secure locks.
For more information on protecting your home, the Home Office publishes ‘A Guide to Home Security’, which provides useful advice on how to make your home secure.  Visit

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