Before you close the door, for the very last time, on the home that you have just sold, there are a number of points to consider.  Using the philosophy, ‘treat others as you wish to be treated,’ is the best practice.  Here are some tips to consider:-

  • You must leave the fixtures and fittings and other contents, that you have itemised in the Vendors Fixtures and Fittings List, approved by you and given to your Solicitor, in the Contract of Sale.
  • You cannot leave extra items, not specified in the Fixtures and Fittings List and are contractually obliged, not to leave items not specified.  So if you decide to leave a sofa or the curtains, the new owners could invoice you, for having these items removed.
  • Always check the attic space, for the removal of stored items, which you may have completely forgotten were stored there.
  • There is no obligation to have your home professionally cleaned, unless specified in the Contract of Sale.  However, your home should be clean, tidy and no rubbish left on the premises.
  • Do not remove light bulbs, as this is an unwelcome surprise for the new owners and an immediate loss of goodwill.
  • Ensure that the lawns have been mowed and hedges trimmed. This is not obligatory, but good practice.  Do not remove any plants or flowers from the garden, unless these have been specified and itemised in the Contract of Sale.
  • During the move, if your Removers have accidentally damaged the property, advise your Solicitor and Estate Agent that these will be made good or replaced.
  • Leave a list of useful information, such as the location of the water stop cock, location and keys for gas and electricity meter cupboards, instructions on how the central heating works, burglar alarm code and the days rubbish and recycling is collected.
  • Ensure that your Estate Agent has a set of keys, for the day of completion.  Ideally the Estate Agent should receive these the day before, or at the very latest by 12 noon, on the day of completion.  The Estate Agent will release the keys to the buyers, once authorisation has been received from your Solicitor and that the completion monies, have been transferred.  If you are holding the keys, do not pass them to the buyers, until your solicitor has authorised this.
  • Finally, why not leave a bunch of flowers and a bottle of champagne for the new home owners ?  This will create a good impression with the new occupiers and a feeling that they have purchased a home, from a caring family.  Hopefully, they will do the same, when they move on in a few years time.
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