As a relatively small practice Residential Estate Agency, our mission as Estate Agents and Chartered Surveyors is not only to assist Vendors in house selling to obtain the best possible market price within the time brief, but also to assist Buyers with their purchase, overcome problems encountered, assist with procedure process and to make the house move as transparent as possible and to make their move/sale a reality.  Coupled with this mission statement our policy is to endeavour to make the transaction as stress free as possible.
As Principals, we are therefore keen to introduce new ideas to improve customer satisfaction and service.  ‘Go the extra mile’ is a philosophy that we adopt, not only with clients (Vendors) but with Purchasers and making the home move an enjoyable experience.

  • Openness:  We aspire to be open and honest, to develop trusting relationships and goodwill in all transactions.   
  • Fairness:  We aspire to provide opportunities and experience, in order to become an organisation built on mutual respect. 
  • Flexibility:  We aspire to be flexible in our thinking and action to be become an effective and efficient organisation.
  • Team Work:  We aspire to work together to share our success and failures by building on our strengths and supporting one another to achieve our goals.  We recognise the worthiness of continual staff training, to improve customer service and adhere to our Customer Care Charter, for the benefit of the public and continued good working relationships.
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