Everyone wants to know what the signs are for the property market at the start of 2024.

The signs are good and moves will readily take place if certain principles are followed.

Pricing is crucial.  Speak to a good Estate Agent and listen to their advice, this is the way to choose the best asking figure.

You will notice many properties are ‘reduced’ and that is because they have gone onto the market at too high an asking price.  As a result, they have lost that ‘new on the market’ shine and are likely to end up eventually selling at a lower figure than they should have.

Those who are Buyers are aware that they are now in a stronger position and will tend to offer lower and lower figures as time goes by.  The highest figures (even the full asking price) are achievable when the Buyer is nervous that someone else might be attracted to their chosen property.  Subsequently of course, this concern dissipates as the property remains available, reduced in price and unsold.

Unless it has a structural defect, every property will sell ‘at the right price’.

We are happy to have informal chat on this and other matters and to give good advice and have some informative videos.

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