Yes, there most certainly is!

Most sales agreed of properties before the crisis, are just temporarily on hold. As soon as the Government feels able to sanction commerce to start up again, these sales can continue.

Through the wonders of modern communication, we are continuing to receive enquiries about properties, even offers to buy, or rent and although current regulations preclude physical viewings at the present, there is a wealth of information available on web-sites, including numerous photographs, video tours and floor plans, which can provide enough information to make the actual viewing, in due course, just a final confirmation of the decision to buy.

It is not unlike viewing brochures and watching video reviews of a car you are interested in, where the final visit to the showroom, just confirms the decision to buy.

Fortunately, through technology, we have been able to answer questions and advise on problems arising, as we would usually do, so all that is required is patience until we are allowed to circulate again and life can begin to return to normal.

Some of the benefits coming out of our recent experience, is to appreciate more what we have, what we can have and the value of everything, both at personal and material levels.

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