The reasons for moving haven’t changed, but the panic that we have seen in recent months amongst buyers, many who have been disappointed more than once, is receding.


There are still a reasonable number of properties coming onto the market for sale, but increasingly, these need to be correctly priced in order to attractive strong interest.  The necessity to run ‘Best and final bids’ due to multi offers having been received, is starting to abate and a return to more ‘normal’ market conditions returning.  Initial offers, based on realistic asking prices will be forthcoming, but the need to offer over asking prices to secure properties, is increasingly less likely.


However demand exceeding supply will persist for some time yet, so it is good advice, if you are serious about a move, to either get your own property on to the market, hoping to obtain an offer and put you in a strong position to offer yourself, or at the very least, to have everything prepared for the property to be launched, immediately you find one that is of serious interest.

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