It can be, depending on your needs and immediate plans.


What are the advantages of renting?  Limited capital input, it is now possible to get an insurance backed virtual deposit.   In Wales, more than in other parts of the UK, you would gain a substantial degree of security of tenure, yet retaining flexibility for yourself to move when needs be.


Apart from a duty to maintain the condition of the interior and a garden if you have one, basically you can just concentrate on enjoying your day-to-day life.


Flexibility is a particularly useful feature, allowing tenants at relatively short notice, to relocate to other areas for job or family reasons.


If of course you have fulfilled your basic duties of cleaning and day-to-day maintenance, any Bond supplied by you, will be returned in full for use next time.  Provided you rent from a fully licenced and regulated Agent, that bond will have been fully protected by regulation.



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