Whilst most would agree that the ultimate goal of many people, single or in a stable relationship, would be to own their own home, there is an active and growing market of those who choose to rent. This can be because of its flexibility, allowing an easier means of moving for work, personal circumstances or in search of a fresh lifestyle in a different area.

Despite some vociferous opinion on the ‘rogue Landlord’, in reality there are very few and Authorities should be able to identify these and deal with them on a case-by-case basis.

In fact most Landlords (male and female) are fair minded people, who value the occupation of a good Tenant, those who endeavour to pay their rent, take care of the property and do not upset the neighbours. In the latter circumstances, it is in everyone’s interest that they are replaced and it will be a warning to those that their misbehaviour is a ‘wake-up call’ to make an effort to get it right next time.

The opposition to Section 21 of the Housing Act (after a fixed term or periodic tenancy) is misguided and misinformed. Without the availability of this facility, Landlords are forced to take action for possession in the courts and everyone must be aware of the backlog there is there.

The inevitable outcome is that the Landlords become hypersensitive and cautious about who they will allow to become their Tenants. As a result, prospective Tenants with less-than-perfect credentials, will inevitably be relegated to the end of an increasingly long queue, of anxious applicants.

The advice therefore is to be reliable and good Tenants, to a sound and fair Landlord and all will then mutually benefit.

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