No-one wants to pay a higher fee for anything, unless they have to, but below a certain level, a truly efficient service cannot be supplied.

 Why would you pay more with some airlines than others?  There is a reason.   For a lower price you have to be prepared for compromises, lower staffing levels, less comfort and restricted baggage allowances.  So as a rule, you do ‘get what you pay for’.

With an Estate Agent, what do you want?

You need a correct valuation, a good negotiated sale at the best price possible, a vetted buyer who is most likely to proceed.  Advice on which offer to accept (not always the highest).  Then importantly, careful management of the sale process.  This will involve the Agent working closely with Solicitors and other Estate Agents if there is a chain (and there usually is), the negative results of surveys and several other problems that crop up along the way.  For this, experienced, skilful, approachable and communicative staff are key.

And then there are the complexities of your own purchase . . . . we can talk about that again.

A good Estate Agent offers good value for money.

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