Estate Agency hasn’t changed, it has modernised. There is a lot of ‘smoke and mirrors’ talk by some Agents, newer to the market about a ‘new world’ where everything is done on line.

Technology is a substantial aid and allows improved efficiency, but doesn’t take away from the basic need to be able to talk to someone helpful and informative, personally and for that to happen, they need to be readily accessible.

Are you fed up, when you need to speak to someone about a concern or problem, to be referred to a website or having to press never ending options on an impersonal automated telephone line, just to end up in the ‘cul-de-sac’ of a queue of calls waiting to be answered?

We believe that the personal aspect of a business is paramount and for that reason, you can speak to a person in Kelvin Francis, 24 hours a day. If it is out of office hours, they will ensure that you receive a call back, as early as possible after the offices open and you can relax knowing that your message hasn’t been overwhelmed by numbers of other messages, or found itself in a ‘junk’ folder.

We pride ourselves in our high level of personal accessibility, because we know that that is what you want.

Your call is always important to us, whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a property, and we are aware of the great importance these matters have for you.

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