About Us


Established in 1978, as an independently owned and operated company, Kelvin Francis has become one of the most influential and respected Chartered Surveyor estate agents, within South Wales. We are spokespeople for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in Wales, as well as regular contributors to local and National TV. radio and the press.

Innovators in knowledge, we are quick to implement new technology, to enhance the buying and selling process, but never at the cost of personal attention. Our business philosophy is 'Traditional Ideals, Modern Ideas.'

We have learned and understood, that people's primary concern about their estate agent, is often the lack of contact and the fact that they are often not kept well informed. We know that if you hear nothing, then you will assume that nothing is being done.

In 1997 we were the first agents in Cardiff to sell a house for a figure in excess of £1 million.


As Chartered Surveyor estate agents, we took the decision ten years ago to specialise in residential estate agency. This has enabled us to concentrate our expertise, into helping thousands of Clients make their most important decisions.

We recognise that the decision to move house is a daunting prospect and our aim from the initial, carefully researched advice on value and marketing, through to overseeing the transaction to legal completion, is to provide our Clients with an unrivalled level of support, help and advice.

We believe that by offering the right advice at the outset, by continuing to offer good advice throughout the marketing and by always keeping Clients informed, that we will meet, and hopefully surpass, expectations.